Toshiba buying up CELL, Sony to change CPU in PS3?


It doesn’t come as a shock that Sony have to take desperate measures when trying to cover the huge losses the company makes on the PS3. Not only didn’t they make any money on the damn machine when the price was 599 dollar, they now just cut the price with 200 dollar which makes them lost yet more money. 

So what does Sony do then? Well to the rescue comes Toshiba and buys the ownership in the production in the owerhyped CELL.  

Although Sony and Toshiba have co-created the CELL together with IBM this still makes you laugh since PS3 is the only Blu-Ray player that people actually buys and nearly all HD DVD players comes from Toshiba. Hopefully Sony has realised that the CELL isn’t a miracle for gamers but a pain in the ass for producers, maybe AMD or Intel have a quick solution for a new CPU on the PS3. Or why not just skip the gaming part and make a Blu-Ray player only, after all that’s just what’s used for. Maybe our no.1 on the Top -5 – List wasn’t a to bad guess after all.

 And the comming respons from Sony? “Well owning production is a last-gen thing”


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