Review: Virtual Fighter 3 (360, PS3)

The Real Version

The CELL Version: So the great fighting game series has finally left the DelayStation platform and found the why to true gamers with the launch on Xbox 360.For those who isn’t familiar with the VF games the only things to know is that the VF games has loads of hardcore fans and has been played big time on arcade machines.

The game is a really solid Fighting game where skill always goes before button-mashing. Number 5 is a very great upgrade from the last instalment with improvements that won’t make any gamer disappointed. 2 new characters and improved AI are two of the main upgrade beside the HD graphic. The graphics are as on the basic PS3 version good without impressing anyone but the main point of this game is good frame rate or else it would lose great feeling that surrounds the game.

The PS3 version gets a weak 5

The Real Version: So over to the real version of the game, the one that is on the 360. Not only does the game look better on the 360 (In solid 60 FPS) but the AI has been improved also with more variation in Singel Player. But the best thing, and the most important, is that the 360 provides you with Online Play! This is the great upgrade that all the VF fans have been waiting for and expect though matches on Xbox Live.

This is the perfect version of the game and a must have for all Virtual Fighter fans.

Score: 10/10


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