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Late for the Party: Lost Planet

Posted in Late for the party on October 17, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce

Xtremely Late

A nearly forgotten game gets alive again, this time the PS3. Lost Planet got some good reviews back in the days and maybe it is Capcom concern for the low count of good games on the PS3 that makes them release Lost Planet on the console one year after the launch on Xbox 360. 
So what does the package include beside a one year old game? All the content from Xbox Live and some characters from the PC-version. And probably some extra framerate issues. All thanks to Blu-Ray? Well who doesn’t like to wait an extra year for games? The price will certainly land around the default PS3-price. Want it? Well the best way would be on 360, right now and to a bargain price. 

This is waiting.