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TOP – 5 – LIST: Next PS3 version

Posted in Top - 5 - list on October 17, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce

So Sony has released a new PS3 version with 40 gb storage. This is the fifth hardware package in less then a year for PS3. This time they took away PS2 support, Mediacard reader and 2 USB ports. With Sony pumping out newer version so often it makes us speculate which things Sony will exclude in their next version. This is our “top 5 list” of things that will be gone in the next version: 

5. The WiFi and Ethernet connecting 
Since Sony only offers a blurry onlineplattform which makes some publisher exclude online gameplay in PS3-versions of games this makes excluding internet connection abilities on PS3 a logical step. And due to the lack of content on PSN combined with the frustration of using it, no one will miss it. And according to Sony: “Online gaming is last-gen technology” 

4. The last 2 USB ports
Who needs USB ports anyway? The future is wireless! But what about charging the controllers? Well here we have a win-win situation. First the consumers doesn’t have to worry when Sony’s famous batteries starts exploding and secondly Sony will gain loads of money on the coming “on-charge-only” PS3 controller which you can put in the garbage can after use. And according to Sony “USB ports are last-gen technology”.

3. The Blu-Ray player
With loads of other companies making decent Blu-Ray players Sony doesn’t need to struggle with the high costs of the Blu-Ray reader. But what about gaming and movies then? Well it will be bundle with home on the hdd so you and all the other PS3 owners can escape your sad reality by walking around in Sonys new virtual world. And according to Sony “Optical Discs are last-gen technology”.

2. Video output
After realising that no one uses the PS3 for gaming, Sony removes the video output. Why? Well true networking the PS3 now becomes what it is good at, supercomputing! Think about the possibilities of using the PS3 to solving your homework on math or why not spending all day long folding@home! And according to Sony “Video output, and even HDMI is last-gen technology”.

1. The CELL and the RSX
By changing the CELL and the RSX to more common chips Sony will greatly reduce the costs on PS3 and still not loosing the main point with the machine, using Linux and playing media. This will make a good and cheap Blu-Ray player with good media features. Developers no more needs to struggle with the over complex coding for CELL and can now focus on games again, on other machines of course. And according to Sony: “Games is SO last-gen technology”.

Expect a new “top 5 list” every week.