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Review: Virtual Fighter 3 (360, PS3)

Posted in Reviews, Xbox 360 on October 31, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce

The Real Version

The CELL Version: So the great fighting game series has finally left the DelayStation platform and found the why to true gamers with the launch on Xbox 360.For those who isn’t familiar with the VF games the only things to know is that the VF games has loads of hardcore fans and has been played big time on arcade machines.

The game is a really solid Fighting game where skill always goes before button-mashing. Number 5 is a very great upgrade from the last instalment with improvements that won’t make any gamer disappointed. 2 new characters and improved AI are two of the main upgrade beside the HD graphic. The graphics are as on the basic PS3 version good without impressing anyone but the main point of this game is good frame rate or else it would lose great feeling that surrounds the game.

The PS3 version gets a weak 5

The Real Version: So over to the real version of the game, the one that is on the 360. Not only does the game look better on the 360 (In solid 60 FPS) but the AI has been improved also with more variation in Singel Player. But the best thing, and the most important, is that the 360 provides you with Online Play! This is the great upgrade that all the VF fans have been waiting for and expect though matches on Xbox Live.

This is the perfect version of the game and a must have for all Virtual Fighter fans.

Score: 10/10


This is waiting: MGS 4 delayed on PS3, dual format launch on the way?

Posted in This is waiting, Xbox 360 on October 31, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce

Soon on a 360 console near you!

Well as we always say, the show goes on. DelayStation 3, sorry PlayStation 3, has that magical CELL-power that automatically delays all games for the machine. The next game in line for delay is one of the 2 that still breaths hope to the Sony fanboy-community, name? Metal Gears Solid 4. So why do they delay the game then? Well normally we would blame bad dev software and the CELL but this time it could be the third reason. The spark that makes people believe that this game will show up on a true gaming console now shines even greater and a dual format launch for both Xbox 360 and PS3 is close to a reality!

What has been said that lights this spark?

“Konami has decided to delay the title’s release in order to make further improvements to the quality of the game and provide even greater enjoyment for more customers worldwide. Konami will continue its efforts to make Metal Gear Solid 4 meet everyone’s expectations.”

….”even greater enjoyment for more customers worldwide”, well as we all know the only great enjoyment on console comes from 360 so that is the way to go! 

The Show Goes On: Lost Planet

Posted in This is waiting, Xbox 360 on October 22, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce


Well not only does Lost Planet show up extremely late for the party, it looks terrible also. What 360 did early 2007 can be done on PS3 in 2008, that is how the show goes on. This is not next-gen

NDP September: The Simple Truth

Posted in Xbox 360 on October 19, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce


Master Chief has made his impact. 3.3 million copies of the game and 527k of Xbox 360 sold in the US alone. The over hyped PS3 barley managed to sell over 100k and if it wasn’t for PSP and PS2 Sony would be out of the gaming business in no time. It is of course understandable why no one buys the PS3 when you now that the price will drop low next month, again.

So Christmas comes early this for Microsoft and with a title Mass Effect coming up and a good bunch of titles in October you can be sure that the number will rise.

Toshiba buying up CELL, Sony to change CPU in PS3?

Posted in HD DVD, Xbox 360 on October 18, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce


It doesn’t come as a shock that Sony have to take desperate measures when trying to cover the huge losses the company makes on the PS3. Not only didn’t they make any money on the damn machine when the price was 599 dollar, they now just cut the price with 200 dollar which makes them lost yet more money. 

So what does Sony do then? Well to the rescue comes Toshiba and buys the ownership in the production in the owerhyped CELL.  

Although Sony and Toshiba have co-created the CELL together with IBM this still makes you laugh since PS3 is the only Blu-Ray player that people actually buys and nearly all HD DVD players comes from Toshiba. Hopefully Sony has realised that the CELL isn’t a miracle for gamers but a pain in the ass for producers, maybe AMD or Intel have a quick solution for a new CPU on the PS3. Or why not just skip the gaming part and make a Blu-Ray player only, after all that’s just what’s used for. Maybe our no.1 on the Top -5 – List wasn’t a to bad guess after all.

 And the comming respons from Sony? “Well owning production is a last-gen thing”

Xbox 360 Dominating Game Rankings

Posted in Xbox 360 on October 18, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce

Once again we get hard proof that the focus from Microsoft is on games and nothing else. When looking on the great website where they collect all game review scores we easily saw that Xbox 360 is the dominating console from the next-gen battle With 1 game on top-10, 5 games on top-50 and 10 games on top-200. 

What about the other systems then? Well no PS3 game has yet manage to get to top-200 and on Wii we got 2 games on top-200. 

So if you want a game console where you can play REAL games and not oversized Blu-Ray promoting games, then Xbox 360 is the way to go.Maybe

Sony should change the slogan to “This is not gaming”

The show goes on: PES 2008

Posted in Xbox 360 on October 16, 2007 by xboxdefenceforce

Some one seems surprised?

Ever heard of a multiplatform-game that is inferior on PS3 compared to Xbox 360? Well thought so because that seems to be the current standard and the wave goes on with the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Football as i should be). IGN have had the honour in playing both versions and have noticed slowdowns and some inferior details on the stadium and crowd. In an interview with Seabass the man seems to be in chock over this report but the rest of the world of course is not.

IGN: In the PS3 version we’ve played we noticed some slow-down in the game, plus the crowd and stadiums aren’t as polished as some of the on-pitch features. Will you look to rectify this in the next game?

Seabass: Of course. To be honest I don’t think the slow-down is that bad compared to the 360 and as I said, we don’t create just a PS3 game, we created both together. But when we compared them directly we were shocked because the PS3 has a little bit more slowdown and we don’t really know why.

The show goes on. But as always you can enjoy the full experience on Xbox 360, without having Blu-Ray.

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