Review: The Orange Box (360)

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The Content: Well if you get more gaming time from any other FPS-game out there the mail me. This package includes 5 games: Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2 where Half-Life 2 (PC/Xbox) and Episode 1 (PC) are two games that has been released before. The Half-Life games are viewed by many as the best FPS-games ever made and this package offers Xbox 360 users feel the experience that made these games so popular. Solid and epic story is combined with variation and good graphic and offers at least 20h gameplay. On top of that you have Portal. A small revolution where FPS becomes Puzzle in a bizarre environment. Rather short (max 2h) but very, very fresh. And on top of that! Team Fortress 2! One of the most addictive multiplayer games on market with loads of team play, great variation of characters and good mix o tactics. 

Audio/Video: Although Half-Life 2 is a “very” old game the graphic still looks clean, some tweaks have been made on light etc. Episode 2, which is a new game, look terrific and everything runs fair smooth around 30 fps. Portal is on the same level as Half-Life 2 but the game, due to its nature, lacks any good graphical stuff. When it comes Team Fortress 2 Valve has cleverly chosen a cartoonish style which makes a fresh alternative for all the reality hunting FPS on the market. The sound throughout the games is great with really good voice acting and natural effects on weapons and stuff. 

Final: Great, maybe the best, value with over 20h offline time and endless online time. Half-Life 2 is one of the best FPS-games ever made. Do you like FPS? Buy it! Don’t like FPS? Buy it anyway and learn how to love it! And by the way, the game is out now!

Ooooo, you have PS3? Well this is waiting then, waiting for December. Expect an inferior version on PS3, as always. 

And by the way, it makes you wonder who Valve can fit over 20h game time on one DVD disc with multiplayer when Heavenly Sword with 6h game time needs Blu-Ray discs.

Score: 10/10


Late for the Party: Lost Planet

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Xtremely Late

A nearly forgotten game gets alive again, this time the PS3. Lost Planet got some good reviews back in the days and maybe it is Capcom concern for the low count of good games on the PS3 that makes them release Lost Planet on the console one year after the launch on Xbox 360. 
So what does the package include beside a one year old game? All the content from Xbox Live and some characters from the PC-version. And probably some extra framerate issues. All thanks to Blu-Ray? Well who doesn’t like to wait an extra year for games? The price will certainly land around the default PS3-price. Want it? Well the best way would be on 360, right now and to a bargain price. 

This is waiting.

The show goes on: PES 2008

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Some one seems surprised?

Ever heard of a multiplatform-game that is inferior on PS3 compared to Xbox 360? Well thought so because that seems to be the current standard and the wave goes on with the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Football as i should be). IGN have had the honour in playing both versions and have noticed slowdowns and some inferior details on the stadium and crowd. In an interview with Seabass the man seems to be in chock over this report but the rest of the world of course is not.

IGN: In the PS3 version we’ve played we noticed some slow-down in the game, plus the crowd and stadiums aren’t as polished as some of the on-pitch features. Will you look to rectify this in the next game?

Seabass: Of course. To be honest I don’t think the slow-down is that bad compared to the 360 and as I said, we don’t create just a PS3 game, we created both together. But when we compared them directly we were shocked because the PS3 has a little bit more slowdown and we don’t really know why.

The show goes on. But as always you can enjoy the full experience on Xbox 360, without having Blu-Ray.

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Live and ready

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First post in and exiting times. The game flood of November is soon here, so much games and so little time.